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Steel for you GmbH


Anton Lehmanngasse 11/1
8042 Graz
Austria / Europe


T. +43 316 42 22 90
F. +43 316 23 11 23 7828

Legal form: Ltd – Limited Liability Company

Company’s registration number: 269600x

Commercial Court of registration: Regional Court Graz

Fundamental tack of the website: this website is showing infornation to the products and performances of our enterprise.

Type of business: technical consultancy

Membership in chamber organisation:
Member of the economic chamber (WKO – Wirtschaftskammer Österreich)
Member of the Austrian company of non-destructive testing (ÖGFzP -Österreichische Gesellschaft für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung)
Member of the Austrian engineering association (VÖI – Verein Österreichischer Ingenieure)
Member of the Austrian association of steel manufacturing (Österreichischer Stahlbauverband)

Authority: Authority of Graz surroundings (BH Graz-Umgebung)

Business Provision: Austrian industriell code (Österreichische Gewerbeordnung)

Access to business provisions: all special business provisions are to be found in the law information system of the federal government under http://www.ris.bka.gv.at.

Sales tax ID number: ATU62021136

Copyright, trademark- and property rights

All contents of this website are copyrighted. Texts, images, graphics, sound, animation and videos are subject to copyright and other property rights. The content may not be copied, spread, changed or be made accessible to a third party for any commercial purpose. Every utilization, especially detention in databases, duplication, dissemination, editing and every form of commercial utilization as well as the dissemination to a third party also in parts or edited form, without approval of the operator or initiator is prohibited.

Terms of use, guarantee accountability of contents and linkage

The use of this website is to happen on one’s own peril and on one’s own risk. We neither take warranty on permanent availability nor on the published inputs, proposals or rendition of services in terms of accuracy, completeness and functionality. Guarantee complies with statutory provisions. Any liabilities for damages, that turn up from directly or indirectly from the use of this website are not covered. This website and the services linked to it are being practised with utmost care, dependability and availability. Out of technical reasons, though, it is not possible that these services are available without interruption, that the wished for connections can always be made or that saved data can survive under any circumstances. The constant availability can therefore not be assured. IP-Connectivity to other networks takes place according to opportunity. Any liabilities for problems that have their origin in the mains of a third party are not covered. The usage of other networks underlies the terms of use of the respective operator. In the case of force majeure, strikes, restrictions of services of other network operators or in case of reparations or maintenance work it could come to restrictions or interruptions, whereat there is no liability for such defaults.


Concerning linkage to other online- services we don´t take liability for the content, functionality and availability of the linked website(s). This is valid also for any other references or linkages, direct or indirect, to any other internet- services. Links to this website are desired if they are arranged externally in separate browser windows. An acquisition of the main window in a frame of the link setter is inadmissible. If a website, we are linking to, contained illicit contents, we would ask for notice. The link will then be dislodged immediately.

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