• Global Production and Assembly Supervision

Quality in production and assembly is a critical factor for the success of your company in national and international competition. Our experts assure a permanently high quality level of manufactured and assembled components.

Manufacturing companies, suppliers, production methods and procedures, components and assembly work are inspected according to the applicable standards and norms. A permanently high level of quality can only be assured through continuous measures that accompany processes and assure quality. And this is precisely where our core competences lie.

Areas of Activity

  • Steel Construction
  • Plant Engineering
  • Power Plant Construction
  • Pipeline Construction Engineering
  • Railway Vehicle Construction
  • Pressure Vessel Construction
  • Nuclear Engineering


  • Control of production and assembly activities in reference to production technology,
    quality management, logistics, and assembly know-how
  • Supplier auditing and supplier validation
    - Consulting during pre-selection and awarding process
    - Instruction, qualification, and certification
    - Supplier upgrading
  • Support in qualifying welding processes and welding personnel
    - Welding Inspections and Work Samples
    - Welding Procedure Specification WPS
    - Welding Procedure Qualification Record WPQR
  • Inspection and consulting during engineering, production and assembly planning
  • Materials measurements and spectral analysis
  • Intermediate controls and documentation of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Welding coordination according EN ISO 14731
    -International Welding Engineer IWE
    -International Welding Technologist IWT
    -International Welding Specialist IWS
  • Consulting and generation of repair manuals
  • Non-destructive testing VT, PT, MT, UT, RT
  • International expert services
    - Evidencing, Damage Analysis, Expert Opinions
  • Component and final inspection, examination or documentation

In the metal industry quick and unbureaucratic availability is often a critical factor for continuous cost optimization of manufacturing companies. Steel for you's team of experts is operational 24/7 in Europe and Asia.